Vacation Packing List

So, you’re getting ready for the big family trip you’ve been planning for months. Are you nervous that you might leave something behind? Don’t be—allow us get your packing list started with this printable checklist. And don’t forget to use your Personal Assistant for even more convenient tips and recommendations.


Clothing (remember, Mother Nature is unpredictable, so always pack so you can dress in layers. Also, many thin layers allows for greater adaptability than a few thick layers)


Toiletries (make sure your carry-on toiletries meet the most up-to-date TSA requirements. Keep on top of the latest here:










T+L Family Club Packing Tip: Sleep with a pen and paper by your bed the evening before your trip so you can jot down last minute things before falling asleep (or even in the middle of the night if you wake up thinking about them). The simple act of writing down things that might keep you awake will help to put your mind at ease and ensure you get a good night's rest before you set off on your trip.

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