Carnival Cruise Line – 4 Day “Carnival” Getaway! 2018


This summer and fall, Carnival brings it big, flashy, fun, and brand, new Carnival Horizon to New York City and sets sail on a series of 4-day getaways to Bermuda! Wherever the sea meets the sky, you’ll find the Carnival Horizon the best place to meet up with a panoramic view… of the latest in fun! A 3D movie theater aboard a ship… that’s cool. But the Carnival Horizon has got two: the crazy-exciting Thrill Theater and the second-ever IMAX Theatre at sea. So… two theaters times three dimensions apiece — that comes out to like a billion percent fun. Departing in June and again in September, these Carnival “Fun-Ship” cruises are designed for maximum fun and maximum value with minimal time!

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